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When modern people hear this term these days, last thing that comes to their mind is European kingdoms of 12th Century, its famous spas or unprecedented natural level of quality known for centuries and tested by time over and over.

Usually they picture water with artificial bubbles (CO2) with no minerals in it or at best they picture most common mineral waters on the market mostly from Italy. So it is very natural for human nature to think of new comer with such a weird name no Australian can properly pronounce as something very common. But it is not.

Korytnica fills totally empty hole in Australian market and is glad to start helping many Australians with hydration, excitement, preventative and healing health benefits. Korytnica is truly a gem of the highest quality that only a handful of mineral waters in the world can claim. Like Cinderella that needs to be discovered and celebrated one day for its true qualities.

The fact that you are reading this article means that you have taken first step towards discovering Cinderella in Korytnica mineral water and we are great full for your support. We also want you to know that we do not see you as client we simply see you as part of the extended Korytnica team of people who do want to take interesting journey of discovering history, health benefits and magic that Korytnica as a brand, as a place and as mineral water of unique properties offers. 2017 marks big milestone in Korytnica centuries old history.

Korytnica is now rediscovering world again after winning 2 gold & 1 silver medals in Vienna World Expo 1873 and more medals in Trieste, Italy, Budapest and in 1904 at the World Exposition in Saint Louis, USA.

On behalf of Korytnica Australian team we want to welcome you and we hope that together we will help rest of Australians to discover Cinderella story of quality and appreciation that its deserves. Big thank you goes to people of Korytnica back in Europe generosity of who made it possible to share Korytnica with you. 

Peter Cziel
On behalf of Australian Korytnica team 

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