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European is Mineral Water dating to 1853 (start of production) naturally containing high levels of Calcium and Magnesium 

500ml Bottles Options:
> CONTAINERS DC40 - 25 pallets - 1200mm x 800mm - 28500 bottles - 95 packs of 12 per pallet

> PALLETS DIRECT - Minimum 6 pallets - 1140 bottles per pallet
> PALLETS INDIRECT - Minimum 1 pallet - 1140 bottles per pallet

>CARTON BOX - 29 bottles any mix -15kg box
>CARTON BOX - 12 bottles any mix - 6kg box

1000ml bottles options:
> CONTAINERS DC40 - 25 pallets - 1200mm x 800mm - 25600 bottles

> PALLETS DIRECT - Minimum 6 pallets - 860 bottles per pallet
> PALLETS INDIRECT - Minimum 1 pallet - 860 bottles per pallet

>CARTON BOX - 29 bottles any mix -15kg box
>CARTON BOX - 12 bottles any mix - 6kg box

Calcium:       600mg/L   [60% RDI approx.] 
Magnesium: 170mg/L   [60% RDI approx.]
Iron:             18mg/L (KORYTNICA IRON only)
                    <0.005mg/L (KORYTNICA Sparkling, Genlty Sparkling & Osteo)

Containers DC40 with 25 pallets can be delivered to any address Australia and NZ. By far cheapest option and you can choose any mix from Korytnica range.

We also offer pallets either delivered directly to your doors (cheapest option - minimum 6 pallets) or indirectly from our Australian store - minimum 1 pallet).

For quotation and information please fill form below or email us to:    

No direct exposure to sun, below 20C. 

The legend tells that once upon a time Korytnica mineral water was discovered by sheppard. His sheep were attacked by wolfs and he discovered that sheep's wounds were healing faster when sheep drank the water while applied on wounds as well. 

First written documents that talks about Korytnica comes from 1233 in document signed by the King Andrew II of Hungray* 

Historical documents confirm that even between 1570-1582 KORYTNICA was highly popular and enjoyed great reputation of great taste and health benefits. To a point that in 1782 medic from Liptov Ján Rupprecht submitted proposition for utilisation of KORYTNICA six wells for medical purposes. That is how highly reputable spar place was established.

In 1815 KORYTNICA has became famous place visited by many seeking health improvements. Reputation of water and spar attracted famous people including Franz Jozeph I of Austria** and Ľudovít Štúr*** visited Korytnica Spar to cure their medical problems. Mostly digestion, diabetes, anemia, osteoporosis due to its favourable composition.  

In the middle of the 19th century the water was already filled into bottles and sold throughout the entire region of Western Slovakia, as well as in Vienna and Budapest, and was, of course, used also for spa purposes. The Minister of the Interior would obtain Korytnica water for the needs of the court.

At the beginning of the 20th century the demand for Korytnica water grew even higher, it was sold in pharmacies throughout Slovakia and was exported to the USA. The quality of Korytnica mineral water was officially appraised for the first time in 1873 at the World Exposition in Vienna (two gold and one silver medals). It received more medals in Trieste, Italy and in Budapest and in 1904 at the World Exposition in Saint Louis, USA, as the only European mineral water.

Formal status of "Healing water" was issued to KORYTNICA in 8th November 1852 by issuance of document number 164. 

During World War II Korytnica served as military hospital utilising water for medical improvements. 

Today's quality and composition of Korytnica mineral water has not changed. It highly benefitial and unique properties are now available to Australian and NZ clients thanks to generosity of people in Korytnica. 

*    Andrew II of Hungary
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